The success of the idea of connecting devices to make them more efficient is dependent upon access to and storage & processing of data. For this purpose, companies working on IoT collect data from multiple sources and store it in their cloud network for further processing


Adds semantic meaning and business logic to real-time IoT smart product data. We provide a managed cloud service to harness this data and enable smarter customer experiences and supply chain applications that unlock significant new enterprise value.


Understand the competitive urgency: reasons your supply chain needs to be smart

Supply chain and logistics strategies are rapidly evolving. Cisco estimates that IoT will deliver 1.9 trillion dollars in value to supply chain enhancements alone over the next 10 years (which is nearly a quarter of IoT’s expected value for business).

How can IoT impact your supply chain?:

  • How to avoid costly recalls through better supply chain monitoring.
  • Increase visibility and traceability of products to avoid fraud, while creating robust brand protection solutions through digital identities.
  • The importance of product transparency to increase consumer engagement, which is already dwindling for major corporations.
  • How to improve your systems with real-time data.

And much more.

Be ready for the shift to smart, connected supply chains

From better inventory management to traceability to increased consumer demand, there’s a lot to consider.